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Endowment Fund Services

The American Baptist Foundation Endowment Fund Services (the "Fund") was established in 1994 to adress the growing interest in our American Baptist family to have us invest on their behalf. The Foundation accepts permanent and custodial funds and makes distributions to the American Baptist churches and organizations, as well as other charitable causes according to the guidelines stated in our Endowment Fund Plan.

The Fund is intended for endowment and similar (reserve, building, scholarship, etc.) funds with an investment horizon of at least three years. Money invested in the Fund becomes part of a pool of American Baptist managed investment funds. The funds are professionally managed, and the management is overseen and monitored by the Foundation Finance Committee in partnership with our investment consultants.

Contact the Foundation office at (800) 222-3872, extension 2035 or (610) 768-2035 for more information or complete a contact form by clicking this link: contact us.

Endowment Fund Application
Endowment Fund Services