Planned Giving
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SYFF Planned Giving Program

American Baptist Foundation (ABF) is devoted to partnering with our American Baptist Ministries and individuals to develop and promote planned giving for the long-term sustainability of ministry and mission through the Foundation's Strengthening Your Financial Future (SYFF) Program.

Through our SYFF program ABF is helping churches, regions, and ministry organizations to increase support in three stages: Vision. Communication. Celebration. Click here to learn more about ABF's SYFF Participants.

  • During the Vision Stage, ABF works with ministry leadership to align their ministry objectives with focused stewardship resources,
  • Then, ABF supplies guidance, education and resources during the Communication stage to reach donors and establish gifts on their behalf.
  • Finally, during the Celebration stage, ABF provides professional investment and endowment resources and gift administration to steward gifts and financial support received.

Click here to see the financial impact this program is having! Click here to learn more about ABF's SYFF Resources.

Begin this transformative process for your ministry now! Contact the Foundation office at, or by phone at 610-768-2035.