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Investment/Endowment Management Services

The American Baptist Foundation (the "Foundation") currently manages approximately $130 million (as of 12/31/2015), including $90 million in church investments and endowments. Establishing and managing funds for ministry can be challenging and the Foundation wants you to know that you have a very capable resource available. It is important to note that resource is available only to American Baptist related institutions are allowed to invest with the Foundation.

Professional Investment Management

Funds invested with the Foundation are actively managed by professional wealth managers and are regularly monitored and reviewed by the Foundation's Finance Committee; in partnership with our independent investment consultants from the MER Group (a subsidiary group of Merrill Lynch).

Social Screens

The Foundation promotes Socially Responsible Investments and adopts social screens consistent with the General Board of American Baptist Churches USA (ABC-USA), which excludes investments in firms primarily involved in gambling, defense, tobacco and alcohol. In addition to these general screens, additional screens may be added from time to time to help ensure that our investments do not conflict with the moral and ethical principles of our partners in ministry.

Low Cost

While offering a variety of investment, recordkeeping and reporting options, our administrative fees are currently one half of one percent (0.5). Compared with other financial institutions, the Foundation's investment fees are relatively low and separately computed.

Creative Growth Opportunities

What separates the Foundation from traditional money managers is our focus on ministry. In addition to providing investment resources, the Foundation provides complimentary planned giving and estate planning services aimed at providing greater support for ministry.

Contact us for more information on our 'Strengthening the Future' Planned Giving Program. The program leverages the power of investments/endowment funds and transforms them from general investment instruments into powerful tools that will create greater support for generations to come.

Initial Investment

A minimal initial deposit of $10,000 is required. Ministries that are not able to meet this minimum requirement are invited to speak with us - our planned giving services are designed to increase available support for ministry.

Asset Allocation

Church investments are pooled with endowment investments and managed as part of the Foundation's Endowment Fund Program. There are three different portfolio options available:
  • Blended Portfolio - Moderate Growth, Moderate Risk (60% Stock, 40% Fixed Income)
  • Fixed Income Portfolio - Conservative Growth, Conservative Risk (all Fixed Income)
  • Stock Portfolio - Aggressive Growth, Higher Risk (all Stock)


Contact the Foundation office for current performance information. Remember to ask about the 'Strengthening the Future' Planned Giving program aimed at enhancing growth of funds for ministry.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The Foundation respects the individual and organizational need for privacy. The Foundation does not share, sell or exchange your information.