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Create an Endowment

The American Baptist Foundation Endowment Fund was established in 1994 in response to donors' requests that the Foundation manage permanent endowment funds. Currently, the Foundation manages over $60 million in endowment funds and the two primary objectives are:
  1. To provide individual donors with a place in which to locate permanent funds intended to support a named ministry or mission with future income.
  2. To provide American Baptist churches and organizations with a place in which they can invest funds intended for long-term growth and stability. These funds often include endowment and memorial gift holdings.

Any American Baptist-related organization may participate in the Fund. Outright charitable gifts from individuals wishing to create or add to an endowment for an American Baptist organization are also accepted. The advantages for both individuals and organizations are that the fund:
  • is professionally managed
  • satisfies social and ethical responsibilities in investing
  • has size as well as the diversity in investment that size allows
  • is housed with an American Baptist "family member"

Fiduciary responsibility directs that the Fund achieve competitive, risk-adjusted returns. In addition, it is the goal of the Foundation Finance Committee to manage the funds in a socially responsible manner in accordance with the social screens recommended by the General Board of American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA) include gambling, defense, tobacco, and alcohol. In addition, ABCUSA and particular money managers may have additional screens in place from time to time to address issues related to social or environmental concerns.

Money invested in the Fund becomes part of a pool of investment funds. The funds are professionally managed, overseen, and monitored by the Foundation Finance Committee, whose members are chosen for their expertise in investment and money management. The Committee may make changes from time to time.:

Contact Rev. Perkin Simpson at the Foundation office by email at perkin.simpson@abc-usa.org or call him at (610) 768-2281 for more information on performance, fees, management and options for establishing you own endowment fund. You may also complete a contact form by clicking this link: contact us.

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