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Planned Giving

Investments and Endowments

The American Baptist Foundation (ABF) manages financial resources exclusively for our American Baptist Family and related partners. Click here to learn more about our regional endowments and here to learn more about our new Inspirations endowment exclusively for our Founding Supporting Members. Funds are professionally managed and all investment partners have access to ABF's Strengthening Your Financial Future (SYFF) program. Click here to learn more about ABF's SYFF Resources.

Social Screens

ABF promotes Socially Responsible Investments consistent with the values of American Baptist Churches USA. Investments exclude firms primarily involved in gambling, defense, tobacco and alcohol.

Investment Choices

ABF believes in keeping it simple. There are three different portfolio options available:

  • Blended Portfolio - Moderate growth and risk (60% Stocks, 40% Fixed Income)
  • Fixed Income Portfolio - Conservative growth and rick (100% Fixed Income)
  • Stock Portfolio - Aggressive growth and risk (100% Stock)

Investment partners can choose the right mix to align with their investment needs.

Flexible Income and Distribution Options

ABF computes a 20-quarter average to ensure stable distribution year over year. Investment partners can reinvest or select other distribution options.

Strategic Outcomes

In addition to investment management, ABF provides complimentary program services aimed at providing greater support for ministry.


What do you get for 62 basis points (0.62 of 1%)?

  • Administration, recordkeeping and reporting services
  • Online access to your accounts
  • Growth Resources provided through ABF's SYFF Program
  • First-Class customer service

ABF charges no front/back end fees or any other soft charges. Investment management fees are a flat 83 basis points.

Other Investment Information

Privacy and Confidentiality

The Foundation respects the individual and organizational need for privacy. The Foundation does not share, sell or exchange your information.